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  • Saturday, May 05, 2012 7:50 AM | Cory Doll
    The following links provide information related to the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the University of Alberta and the South Campus Neighbourhood Coalition

    Press Release

    Memorandum of Understanding

    Settlement Agreement

  • Wednesday, December 07, 2011 10:50 AM | Cory Doll

    South Campus Neighbourhood Coalition's Court Action to have the U of A Consult it's neighbours

    - Edmonton Journal - December 8 -
    - Edmonton AM
      - December 7 -
    - Discussion on a UofA Faculty blog
    - CBC Website December 7

    Is the SCNC trying to stop the Balmoral radioisotope facility? - No, we are for South Campus development... WITH consultation. To generalize, there is a Long Range Development plan in place which was developed in consultation with the communities and signed off by the Minister of Advance Education (they are not subject to municipal rules).  We don't feel that the University has been sticking to the plan.  In the case of the Balmoral, a cyclotron clearly is not a recreational facility, so the University actually had to change the LRDP.  To do this, there are rules outlining required community consultation which we believe have not been met.  We have expressed our concerns, and we are calling them on this.

    We are concerned about the precedent set by not holding the University accountable to the rules which guide South Campus development, as it essentially allows the University to build what it wants, when it wants without consultation.   We are concerned about an "opportunity driven" approach to planning where individual developments are conceived and implemented in isolation, with little thought given to the cumulative impacts on the neighbouring communities. It is a huge area that will play a significant positive or negative role in influencing the nature of our city.  Shouldn't we have some input?

    On Information vs. Consultation: Carl Amrhein indicated that he didn't understand all the fuss because the University sent out a copy of their decision.  This highlights the fact that they just don't get it.  They do not understand that "consultation" means involvement and input BEFORE a decision is made. 'Consultation' is much more than providing 'Information'.  That is what the LRDP requires.  Consultation before decision.

    The International Association of Public Participation provides a widely used spectrum of public participation defining Information, Consultation, Involvement, Collaboration and Empowerment.  We are just asking to be consulted, but wouldn't it be great if the University viewed it's neighbours and Edmontonians in general as a resource so that we could move towards involvement or collaboration?

    Did the University have fair warning?: University staff have said several times is that they were surprised by the SCNC actions.The facts are these:  The University has had plenty of warnings since summer that court action was a risk if they didn't change direction. For example, at meetings on both August 31 and Sept 14 that included senior University staff (VP and above) , SCNC representatives told them very clearly that court action was looming. The U did nothing to engage with the SCNC, or change its behaviour, or address the concerns and legal problems it faced.

    There were other meetings with the same message earlier in the summer as well. So this should not have been a surprise. Our fall newsletter outlines more SCNC action.

  • Friday, December 02, 2011 8:38 PM | Cory Doll

    Please read our December Newsletter for details on the court intervention which the SCNC has requested regarding the latest South Campus Development.

    Our Fall Newsletter provides further background on what led us here.

    Join the conversation within the Forum and pass on your thoughts.  To find out more about how you can help, visit the Act Now and Donate pages

  • Friday, October 21, 2011 11:10 AM | Cory Doll

    Dear Neighbours

    There is a lot at stake here for us.

    The U of A has massive plans for its South Campus lands, the former university farm (including the West 240).

    These will affect everyone who lives in this part of Edmonton, none more than those of us in the neighborhoods close to the site.

    The development of South Campus is filled with great opportunity, and also with great risk. The benefits will only outweigh the costs if the development is done well, according to a credible plan prepared in accordance with the best practices in urban planning.

    Here are just a few of the university’s latest developments and plans:

    •·         the GO Centre (with a reported 1.5 million users/year, or 4000 visitors a day)

    •·         a radioisotope production plant at the Balmoral curling site.

    •·         residences for 7000 students (equivalent to the population of three full neighborhoods)

    •·         twin arenas

    •·         a new fieldhouse

    •·         an aquatics centre

    •·         three new parkades

    •·         a number of new roads and intersections to provide access

    There may well be other plans on the drawing board that university administrators have not made public. For example, the Faculty of Agriculture is engaged in a closed planning process for the south quarter.

    Over the past year, community leagues from neighborhoods most affected by the redevelopment of South Campus have formed the South Campus Neighbourhood Coaltion (SCNC) so we have a stronger community voice as these plans are formed and implemented.

    Please read the attached newsletter, have a look at what the coalition is doing, and let us know your thoughts.

    Masood Makarechian, Chairman

    South Campus Neighborhood Coalition

  • Wednesday, October 12, 2011 3:19 PM | Cory Doll

    The University of Alberta circulated this letter to many households in our communities.  The letter does not acknowledge any willingness to work with the SCNC, and implies a divide and conquer approach to community consultation.  The ongoing approach of information provision by the U of A which is later misconstrued as community consultation, involvement or collaboration has resulted in significant frustration by neighbouring communities, leading to the formation of the SCNC. Unfourtunately, we do not see this letter as any meaningful commitment to do things differently.

  • Thursday, September 22, 2011 4:17 PM | Cory Doll

    On June 14th the SCNC hosted a public forum

    A summary of the comments from the floor are listed here:

    Read Sheila Pratt's article in the Edmonton Journal:

    The Agenda included:

    • Information on differences between the publicly released South Campus Long Range Development Plan (LRDP 2002) and the latest South Campus Sector plans (2010).
    • New facility developments
    • Traffic and parking changes
    • Planning and legal options
    • How our communities can take action to avoid undesirable outcomes
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